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Wall Putty

Wall Putty is a white cement based fine powder that is made into a smooth blend and applied to the walls before painting.

Wall putty fills the fine pores of mortar/concrete walls and ceilings to provide a white, smooth and dry surface for painting. After that, any kind of paint or distemper can be applied to it.

Cement Paint

Cement paint is based on white cement and additives specially formulated for better brushability, easy mixing and application.

It is used to make the painted surface water repellent and give protection to the plaster from adverse climatic conditions. It also gives brightness and long-lasting quality to the plaster   

Block Adhesive

Block Adhesive

Block Adhesive is a ready to use grey cement based non-shrink self curing, water resistance mortar for fixing AAC blocks, Concrete blocks, fly ash bricks etc.

Block adhesive is very effective as a thin bed application mortar, specially designed to provide stronger & durable bonding between the blocks resulting in optimum adhesion. 

1. High-quality adhesion for good bonding strength & fast seating.

2. Save substantial cost compared to conventional mortar.

3. Saves time-eliminates lengthy and cumbersome process of site mixing.

Tile Adhesive

Tile Adhesive

Tile adhesive is a cement-based polymer modified adhesive for fixing a variety of tiles and stones. When fixing natural stones and heavy tiles on vertical surfaces use of multipurpose tile adhesive is mandatory.

Tile adhesive is used for fixing a variety of tiles, all kind of floor &  wall tiles and natural stones in exterior & interior

1. Ready to use mixture 

2. High Strength and Fast Fixing

3. Less laboured and time intensive

4. No water Curing require / Self curing



Oxide Powder

Oxide color are specially formulated for flooring of building. With it you can create a special design or even a picture on the floor.

Oxide color are highly suitable for flooring cement mosaic floors, tiles, dadoes, plaster works, color wash etc.


Readymade Limewash

lime wash is a traditional simple type of water-based matt painting made from lime and water, with or without additives. It is one of the most useful, beautiful and benign decorative finish. It is an ideal choice for old buy. It is considerably more breathable.
Limewash can be used external internally. It is suit one’s lime, plaster, earth walls, limestone, timber and most old limewash.
It can consolidate surfaces and provides colour variations, especially after weathering. Limewash is inexpensive and solvent-free


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